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Hay there! 

Hay Chocolate is a love letter to the most important people in my life - my family. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up on a farm, and whilst I am the first in three generations not to take up the farming call, I chose to be inspired by the countryside in a different kind of way.

Family discussions around the dinner table often revolved around two things: weather, or food! My father and grandfathers taught me about respecting the land we work and caring for the earth, while my mother and grandmothers showed me how to make tasty treats from the fruit picked in the garden. 

I have worked in cafe's, tea rooms and a chocolate shop, and down time from work was often also spent in the kitchen whipping up a new creation. Baking never felt more important to me than during the pandemic lockdown, when weekly cake drop offs to my grandfather became much more meaningful than ever before. Finding new ways to lift family's spirits and tingle their tastebuds soon evolved into a fascination of the world of chocolate... and Hay Chocolate was born! 

All my chocolates are handmade in my little kitchen situated on my family's farm. As well as using British ingredients, I use fruit grown on the farm, source high-quality produce from other local businesses and use sustainably sourced, single origin and fair-trade chocolate. 

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