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This chocolate box of "eggs" has been created in recognition of some of our farm's feathered friends. At last count we had 56 different species of birds spotted, including some in red and amber conservation status. Here are 3 of the birds which have inspired this collection:


Peanut Caramel (Blue Tit) 

Often found fighting over the peanuts in the bird feeder outside my kitchen window! 


A dark chocolate shell filled with a smooth caramel and peanut butter gianduja. 


Strawberry (Song Thrush)

Earthworms and snails are their first choice, but they are also fond of soft fruits and berries.


A white chocolate shell filled with a sweet strawberry chocolate ganache. 


Milk Digestive (Yellowhammer)

Cereal grains and seeds make up a large part of their diets, as well as insects for their young. 


A milk chocolate shell filled with a chocolate ganache and wheat biscuit base. 



£1 from every box sold will be donated to the British Trust for Ornithology whose monitoring and research helps the conservation of our bird species and their habitats.  Each box comes with a menu card featuring my bird illustrations and information from the BTO. 


You have the option to add a free handwritten message for the recipient (or a little note to yourself).


Each chocolate has been lovingly handmade in the little farm kitchen in Cambridgeshire and comes wrapped in fully biodegradable and recyclable packaging.



Best before: 27.05.2024

Chocolate "Eggs" Bonbon Collection

  • Your chocolates are best enjoyed fresh, or by the date shown on the base of the box. Please store in a cool, dry place (not in the fridge!) and away from heat sources or strong odours. 

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